Washer & Dryer Repair

Washer/Dryer Machine Repair

Washer and Dryers, as a combination, are the most important machine in your household. They provide suitability, utilization, and ease. When either of these malfunction, you're left with a boat load of washing - quiet literally.

When you begin noticing issues with your washer or dryer, you should book a consultation. By doing so, you are reducing the risk of further damage or problems. At Zenith Repair Co, we can assist in fixing these concerns if you're located in the Margate, FL area. We work with all the market leading brands, including Whirlpool, Samsung, Kenmore, Maytag, and LG.

Why did it break down?

There are a range of reasons why your dryer may have broken down, and pretty much every one of those lead to failure. As these causes can overlay, diagnosing this can be hard. For example, if there is a blown thermal fuse or dryer, the switches are broken, or drive belt is fault, this will stop the dryer from turning on.

A professional can make a proper assessment and repair this efficiently. Past simple care, such as air vent cleaning, repair is best left to a specialist. They have the knowledge to deal with complications and possible dangers that you may not notice.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repairing

Won't heat properly

If your dryer won't heat, this may mean the element, igniter assemblage, a sensor, or thermostats are malfunctioning. It is not strange for the element to burn over a prolonged period. If the element does not receive an unremitting current, it may need replacement.

If it's not the element, it may be the thermal fuse. This will not sustain the right temperature, but if blown, it'll lose the flow to avoid fire.

Won't spin

The strain on the drive belt may cause loosening and potential damage over a prolonged period of time. This can cause a break because of the pressure it is under. If these breaks, you will notice a lack of resisting force on the drum when trying to manually spin. Once you have ensured this is the issue, we can replace this!

Otherwise, if the drum does not spin easily, even after removal of the belt, there may be an issue with the axle. If worn; replacement is needed.

Won't turn on

As mentioned prior, the thermal fuse ensures your dryer does not overheat. If this is blown, the supply of power could be interrupted, and replaced with a new one. If the fuse is still together, the door or start switches may be the cause. Door switches will make a ticking noise if the door is shut, if not heard, this may be faulty or require repairing.

Avoid DIY Washing Machine Repair

DIY is an option if your machine breaks down. Although, when dealing with a washer, the best option is to deal with a trained professional.

If done incorrectly, washer restoration could create a number of issues in the future. Below standard repair may cause added risks in terms of electrical faults or potential hazardous concerns. There may also be potential for excess water, leading to flooding that causes interior issues.

To negate these concerns, you should contact a high-quality repair company, who will be able to service the machine thoroughly and effectively.

Apart from reputation consideration, you should evaluate the value for money you'll be receiving - and this is why Zenith Repair Co your number one option.

Affordable pricing is also a necessity. By utilizing a dependable company, you are increasing the ability to find an efficient, simple, and stress-less repair practice.

We work with a wide range of appliances, including:

• Top loader washing machines

• Front-loader washing machines

• Combination units

• Compact washing machines

Common Washing Machine Problems

If you notice any of the following signs, contact a professional immediately.

Unusual turning.

A tripped or misaligned switch may cause this. By reallocating the clothes, you can curb this concern. If this continues, there may be a more complex issue with the timer or outlet. Our team of specialists can assist you with aptly fixing this.

Unusual spinning

A defective lid switch or plunger, solenoid, timer, wiring, or drive belt may cause this. Excessive vibration

If you notice vibration, it may be misaligned. The floor wears it sits may be worn. Another cause could be extensive vibrating, which lead to worn pads.


Loosened hosing, excessive soap, and clogged piping, as well as tubes dripping can all lead to leakages.

Drainage issues

If water does not drain from the drum, it may indicate a defect in the pump, blockage in the drain hose, or a damaged belt. If not fixed, there may be more expensive issues down the track.

Clothing spotty

A faulty transmission may cause spotting on clothing that isn't removed with washing.

Excessive soap

Too much soap in clothing can be a result of a clogged cool-water valve or timer fault.

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