Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

Ice makers linked to your refrigerators are opportune! There's no worries in regard to purchasing and stowing large bags of ice, and it also saves the argument of who didn't fill the trays.

Your Lancaster summer is not completed without a chilled iced tea. This simple addition can make a summers day. However, when it's not working as it shall, your frustration can build up.

Never you mind. We have the team to tend to all your ice maker needs. Our highly skilled team of technicians is extremely well-trained in ice maker repairs. No matter the kind - we have you covered.

Should You Call Us?

Our team is super friendly, don't be afraid to have a chat. We understand we're not the first people you want to speak too, but rest assured, when you have too, we'll make it pleasant!

Below we'll refer to some common concerns.

Check the Pause Button

This may seem silly, but ensure the pause button is not empowered. You never know, your son or daughter may have been a little too adventurous. Or your machine preempted a full tray. Ensure you triple-check this prior to getting our magicians to help!

What is the Thermostat Set At?

You're not wrong if you think cooler is best. However, this is the one exception. Ensure settings are adhered too. If you're well below recommended temperature, this could cause a freezer prior to entering the tubing.

The Control Arm Needs to Be Adjusted

If your control arm - the mechanism that moves when the bin is filling - is at a certain position, you may need to empty the bin.

Clear the Filter

If there's clog within the water line or filter, normal function will be interrupted. Assess your owner's manual for instructions of cleaning and examining the line.

A Broken Valve

This is probably where we come in. If your filter clean hasn't resurrected the concern, and you cannot locate a clog within the line, you may have a malfunctioning valve.

Unplug the Machine and Turn Off the Water

This will ensure there isn't a freeze in the water line. In order to fast-track this, you can trigger it by utilizing a hairdryer on its lowest value. Make sure your hairdryer stays out of contact with water or the line.

If this is the case, upon switching power and water outlets on, you should hear a running sound. If not, and there's a discoloration, contact us!

You're Not Getting as Much Ice as Usual

This is most probably due to a freeze or line clog. Assess above tips for action!


Assess the below indicators:

• That the fill cup is properly aligned

• That the lines are not damaged or being restricted

• That the refrigerator is level

If all are correct, you may need us! Little problems can often become large issues - don't let this happen to you.

Need Some Help?

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